Automotive Part
A/C Hose

Definition and Main Function

It serves as a passage through which the refrigerant used for the air-conditioning system passes, and controls the reverse current and pressure of the refrigerant. 3 different types exist: discharge hose, liquid hose, and suction hose.

Hose Structure

Specifications Applied per Hose

Hose Spec
Size[mm] Rubber Veneer Rubber Veneer Rubber Veneer
Outer diameter(D1) Inner diameter(D2)
φ15.7 φ8.2 Ο Ο Ο
φ17.8 φ11.0 Ο Ο
φ19.0 φ11.0 Ο Ο Ο
φ21.6 φ15.2 Ο Ο
φ23.0 φ15.2 Ο Ο
φ24.1 φ16.2 Ο
φ24.4 φ16.1 Ο
φ26.5 φ18.5 Ο Ο
φ26.9 φ18.5 Ο Ο Ο
φ28.9 φ20.5 Ο

Pipe Spec

Pipe Type Spec
Type Size[mm] Material
Outer diameter(D) Thickness(t)
LIQ φ8~φ9.5 1.0~2.2 A3003
DIS φ12 1.0~2.0
SUC φ16~φ21 1.0~2.0
Pipe Type(IHEX) Spec
Type Size[mm] Material
Outer diameter(D1) Inner diameter(D2)
Extrude φ22 φ14.2 A3003
Spiral φ22.4 φ19.2

Swaging & Pipe Tube Spec

Items Veneer Rubber
Liquid / Discharge / Suction Suction only
Crimp shape & structure
Shell lock - Bonding Type

Shell lock

Bead lock - O-ring Type
Applicable Tube Size(OD x t) Liq. Ø8.0x1.0t / Ø9.0 x 1.8t , 1.25t / Ø9.52x1.25t, 1.65t
Dis. Ø12.0 x 1.8t , 1.25t / Ø12.7x1.25t, 1.65t
Suc. Ø16.0 (Ø15.88) x 1.25t, 1.8t, 2.0t
Ø18 x 1.25t,1.65t
Ø19.05 (Ø19.0) x 1.8t, 1.6t, 1.25t